PIKA Laboratory and Consultancy Services

PIKA Weihenstephan’s team of industry and technical experts offer a range of laboratory and consultancy services to help support your testing needs. It may be that you have want to outsource the testing of your samples, in which case PIKA is here to provide the analysis for you. Or, it may be that you’ve run your own analysis and through your testing have recognised the presence of bacteria, yeast or molds within your sample but you’re not sure what to do next.

With PIKA you’re not alone as we can help identify which spoilage organisms are present through microbiology and DNA analysis, providing you with a comprehensive report allowing you to optimize your production process. Not only do we deliver results, we also answer the questions.

The range of services we offer is broad and diverse. We cover conventional analysis methods and molecular biology through DNA testing (detection and identification through real time PCR and DNA sequencing), plus comprehensive advice to our customers. Our competence and know-how as a specialized microbiology lab is drawn from decades of experience. We are committed to provide the highest quality standards. Generally, samples are processed the day they arrive at our lab. The results are usually available within a few hours, and if an urgent response is needed we can even run tests across weekends.

Bacterial Analysis

For the investigation of bacteria we offer conventional methods such as enrichment and microscopic examinations (according to EBC, MEBAK and ASBC analysis collections), which we supplement with DNA analysis if necessary. In PCR analysis, we specialize in the fast detection of beer, wine and beverage spoilage bacteria. 

We also identify isolates from the production environment, looking for both spoilage and indicator organisms, including the quantification of specific heat resistant spore forming spoilers such as Alicyclobacillus using the IFU 12 method. This is a highly unique service within the industry offered by PIKA. Of course, we can use our analysis spectrum to map the entire bacterial world.

Yeast Analysis

We identify harmful yeasts using modern methods applying our own selective enrichment and PCR systems. We also provide precise information when identifying unknown yeast isolates or when comparing contaminants from different areas or different time periods. We help address common questions so you can react purposefully in the process and take appropriate measures, such as: Are yeasts fermentable or not? What is the risk for a bombage? Can the yeasts multiply rapidly in the product?

Mold Analysis

Mold isolates are identified by DNA sequencing within 3 to 4 days. The detection of Fusarium species with PCR takes only 3 hours. We help you answer important questions such as: Where do the molds come from? Do they build mycotoxins? Are they harmful to your health? How can I improve the process to avoid future contamination? We not only provide you with a result, but also advise you on further steps.


We can determine the number of cfu, microorganisms, yeasts, bacteria, molds and heat-resistant molds using the appropriate methodology for the sample type. As far as possible, we comply with the current DIN regulations.

If you’re aware of the parameter you’d like to test for but not sure which material to analyse or how to take the sample then we can guide you with these questions and find the best solution together with you.