PIKA 4everyone Detection Kit B

Pectinatus sp. Screening

This test allows the quantitative and species specific detection of the anaerobic beer spoiling Pectinatus species. 

Pectinatus spoils beer by production of a very unpleasent smell, reminding of rotten eggs, and acid production. Pectinatus bacteria are extremely sensititve to oxygen and therefore hard to detect by enrichment only. If they grow then they usually show the typicel spiral formed long rods, often motile. 

4everyone Detection Kit B Pectinatus sp. Screening allows the quantitative detection of all Pectinatus species including P. cerevisiiphilus, P. frisingensis, P. haikarae and P. portalensis. 

All these species are specifically detected together in one screening test which provides a simple and easy result read-out for the presence of beer spoiling Pectinatus in your sample. 

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