4everyone PCR detection kit

PIKA 4everyone Detection Kit B

LP Identification - The Real Beer Spoilers Lactobacillus & Pediococcus sp.

This test allows the quantitative identification of the real beer spoiling species of lactic acid bacteria. 

The species which are proven to cause beer spoilage are the Lactobacillus species L. acetotolerans, L. backii, L. brevis, L. casei, L. collinoides, L. coryniformis, L. lindneri, L. parabuchneri (“frigidus”), L. perolens, L. plantarum, L. rossiae, and the Pediococcus species P. damnosus and P. inopinatus. 

It is common knowledge that a multiplex PCR test doesn’t allow the parallel identification of a target present at a very low concentration whenever another target is present at a high concentration at the same time. The low concentration target usually will be outcompeted by the high concentration target in a multiplex PCR reaction, and therefore wouldn’t show a positive result. 

For a safe identification of all spoiler species within a sample, regardless of their concentrations, 4everyone Detection Kits are strictly designed using single species assays. All beer spoiling species from a sample are tested side by side in single tube assays, each species is detected and quantified in a separate PCR. 

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