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Enrichment media for the detection of spoiler microorganisms with easy and safe interpretation of results by color change

Developed for the microbiological monitoring of beer, wine and other beverages: Every brewery from company group to small Craft brewery as well as every winemaker and other beverage producer can use PIKA FastOrange® for routine control throughout the whole process chain.

All FastOrange® products are available in different pack sizes, each fitting to your capacities. Enriched samples are evaluated either conventional by color change, turbidity, and precipitate, or by PCR analyses – each batch is PCR certified.

In order to detect specifically the different product spoiling microorganisms, FastOrange® is a product series which comes in different varieties.

The PIKA approach

Our approach is universal: One single medium and one single process for all sample types during the whole process control starting from pure yeast down to the finished beer. But not only: FastOrange® can be equally used for the examination of fruit juices, soft drinks, mixed drinks or water, even milk.

Fast Use

FastOrange® is delivered as ready to use medium and can be used direct without any further processing. FastOrange® Bouillon is added direct to the sample, for hygiene tests there are pre-filled tubes with swabs available, agar is just melted and can be used as it is for pour plates or membrane filter analyses in petri dishes.

Simple Application

For enrichment, the sample is mixed with FastOrange® in a ratio of 1+1, no addition of sterile water or filling the sample bottle up to the brim is necessary. The evaluation of FastOrange® is easy for everybody, no need for special equipment – and it is clear: negative samples stay violet, positives change their color to yellow.


We know brewers and their special needs in breweries – since many years. The company owner works in brewing microbiology since 30 years plus, starting as a microbiologist at the Chair of Brewing Science in Weihenstephan. PIKA Weihenstephan was successfully funded in the year 2000 as a spin-off from the TU Munich, we are celebrating 20 Years PIKA Weihenstephan!

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