What is the difference between FastOrange B Tubes and FastOrange B Ready-to-Use Tubes?

FastOrange B is used to test all samples during the whole production process, while FastOrange Ready-to-Use Tubes are intended to check the hygiene status of the production periphery. FastOrange B Tubes contain 5 mL of FastOrange B Bouillon. They are used in the same way as described for FastOrange B Bouillon, for the detection of beer spoiling bacteria in all process samples from yeast down to finished beer. Analyze 5-7 mL of any liquid sample in one tube. FastOrange Ready-to-Use Tubes are delivered with sterile swabs. Swab any surface, preferably in the filling area as filler heads or transport belts, and incubate the swab in a tube with 5 mL Ready-to-Use Bouillon to detect not only beer spoilers but also hygiene indicator bacteria as acetic acid bacteria, E. coli and more.

Can I use FastOrange for enrichment prior to PCR?

Sure you can, the whole FastOrange product family was developed as pre enrichment media for PCR users, but can also be used as stand alone media for visual read-out of positives. We test each lot of FastOrange by real time PCR which means there won't be inhibition nor false positive results from FastOrange enriched samples in your PCR test.